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How to Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Rank

How To Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Rank

How to Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Rank

Amazon, being the largest online retailer in the world, has over 500 million products in stock and online sellers are always finding ways to get on top of their competitors and showcase their product to as many people as they can. If you're an ecommerce store with unique products looking to sell on the Amazon marketplace, you should be making moves to create the best amazon product description copy that sells.To leverage this opportunity in order to showcase your brand to a large, varied, and discerning audience, you need to present your store as well as your products in the best light with the most appropriate product descriptions. But how do you establish your niche, differentiate your brand from countless others, and emerge on top of the searches?

Amazon product description writing is all about quality rather than quantity. Your first interaction with a customer is through your product copy. It needs to be simple and straightforward. For your products to rank higher on Amazon’s marketplace, you need high-quality and optimised content that proves how your product fulfils the needs of your customer and is preferred over your competitors. Our Amazon copywriting tips will not only help you formalise your seller information and policies in a user-friendly manner, but also enhance your conversion rate and boost your product sales. 

Here’s how Vserve’s product services can help:

1.Writing clear and concise copy:  

Product description writing for Amazon that is creative but not fanciful, and fact-based yet strategic fulfils the dual task of persuading your customer to buy while also informing them about its unique features. For this, the copy needs to describe the product in simple and clear language, and use SEO tools that can steer the customer towards making a regular buying decision.

For example, while a women’s shawl and stole could be used for a somewhat similar purpose, the descriptors used in the former would focus on features like texture and ability to provide warmth, while the latter could bring out aspects like color and use-case.

Amazon’s product description writing services will transform every visit into a successful transaction by:

a.Listing product features in bullet form: Not only is the strategy of using short sentences and crisp content essential for SEO, but it also entices your customers. When customers have all the information about the product, presented to them in an easily understandable manner, they are more likely to engage with your product and your brand, and make the decision to buy.

b.Ensuring product specifications are unique: Our team of Amazon product description writers deliver only the right and necessary product information to the customer. At Vserve, we review every unique product specification to make sure it is accurate, complete and relevant.

c.Providing product descriptions in long and short forms: Short-form content in bite-sized formats may be the need of the hour, but sellers still need to provide product descriptions in long-form as well. Vserve’s team of expert amazon product description writers have been trained to collate information from a variety of sources to create product descriptions in long-form as well as short-form. And regardless of the word count, our powerful writing that uses targeted keywords will transform your product content and boost your online presence by differentiating it from the countless others.

2.Using high-quality images:

While paying attention to your amazon product description writing you also need to ensure that your product image speaks a thousand words, you need impressive pictures that can help customers visualize the product in real-time and enable them to buy it. Instead of hiring a regular photo editing agency that may not understand the nitty gritties of your Amazon marketplace, choose Vserve’s professionals who are adept at editing and enhancing images. Not only this, our visual ninjas will make sure that the product images on your site are professional and appealing.

At Vserve, we believe that excellent product images are a deal-breaker, especially when selling on Amazon. High-quality images can cause a customer who is merely browsing to pause, click, and explore the product.

For example, a product like a kitchen organiser, would require multiple high-quality images in different angles such that customers can visualise its dimensions and its usefulness. This information can ensure a better sales outcome than a two-dimensional image that can be a disappointment to a customer who actually bought the product.

At the same time, a high-quality video will provide a preview into the product, especially if it requires setting up; this can also be leveraged as a selling tool.

3.Integrating pages across needs:

Today, buyers shop on the go, using their mobile and other devices, and voice assistants like Alexa to make the process easier. This means that product pages need to be developed on systems that are seamless across mobile and web, while being voice-friendly, so that neither your brand nor your product misses out on these platforms.

Our team of amazon product description writers create A+ product detail pages that present your visitors with enhanced content. This means that every product page will comply with the guidelines set by Amazon. From images that can be clicked to be enlarged to buying guides for comparison charts, you can rely on Vserve experts for quality, expertise, and competency to deliver on time. We will help you keep your customers interested with unique formats and creative layouts with our excellent amazon product description writing services, also ensuring the customer returns long after buying the product, for regular and repeat purchases. 

4.Using modules for an immersive and interactive experience:

Capturing and retaining the attention of a customer is paramount for your estore. For this, we at Vserve, have developed hotspot modules that encourage customers to communicate with your brand; they immediately understand the USPs of the product when they hover through the features and scroll through the easily accessible carousel module. This interactive experience satisfies the customer’s curiosity, adequately informs them about the product, and clears any confusion. And when all these aspects are consistent across your product offerings, it increases their trust in your brand, and hence results in increase of sales, regularly and consistently.

A creative, meaningful, and compelling amazon product description writing is the key to boosting your sales. This process often takes numerous iterations through trials and errors, causing a loss of time, revenue, and effort, which could be better invested elsewhere. 

As a small business owner selling on Amazon, you wear multiple hats--managing inventory and product quality, while marketing yourself and your products. And if you are a large enterprise wanting to expand your reach across channels, you would prefer strategies that deliver so that you can focus on scaling. In either case, Vserve will be your best choice. By outsourcing your Amazon product description writing services to Vserve, you can be rest assured your marketing content will be accurate, attractive to customers, and boost your product ranking. 

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