E-Commerce Data Standardization Services for Sellers in Amazon – $5 per man hour

Do you realize that the strength of the products you are selling on Amazon depends on that data you are going to place? The more detailed and accurate the data will be, the better the chance of standardizing the data available on Amazon. We help you with Amazon product data standardization and enhancement.

We have experts who will ensure that the data will be consistent and remove duplicate and redundant entries.

Amazon Product Data Standardization

Amazon Product Data Normalization and Standardization Services

Give your customers quick and easy access to all your product information and the confidence that the information is accurate and up to date. Our range of product data standardization services starts with a thorough audit of your current product data. We check the existing technical specifications for each product. Find the errors, gaps and duplicates in the data, and with the available information, we

Standardize the units of measurements

We make it a point to double-check the product attributes and values, and see if they are in compliance with the uniform set of standards. In case of any discrepancies, our team will work on normalizing the units and convert them to ensure consistency across product ranges, allowing your online shoppers to easily compare before buying them.

Remove redundant and duplicate data

As a part of the data normalization process, we remove redundant and obsolete information in your product database. Match, merge or eliminate duplicates to create clear and accurate records.

Edit your product descriptions

Trace and correct the errors in your product descriptions. Our team can take care of all the typos and abbreviation changes in your product descriptions and enhance the content with needed information.

Update time-sensitive information

Identifying the time-sensitive data will update the pricing and availability of information as and when required.

With the use of the product data normalization services, we ensure to effectively update and organize the database. We make sure that we follow data quality standards and guidelines, so all of your Amazon products are in a consistent format.

Why Vserve?

Why not? When we can help you gain a competitive advantage over others on Amazon

  • We have the right team, technical expertise and Amazon-specific skill set to deliver a complete suite of Amazon listing and management services.
  • We assure that the information provided to your potential customer is 100% accurate.
  • Your data security is at the top of our priority which is why we have the right measure in place to keep your data confidential.
  • Want to evaluate our competence? Sign up to get a free trial to check the quality of work before signing the contract.

Partner With Us

Being the best Amazon support service provider, our performances are widely appreciated for ensuring quality and efficiency. As a part of our data normalization and standardization services, we dive deep into your database to make necessary additions and changes to list your product and brand exceptionally on the platform—partner with Vserve to build the best product database for Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of data standardization services?

The benefits include –

  • Easy comparison
  • Opportunity to increase conversion rate
  • Better sales performance
  • Easily accessible information
  • Customer satisfaction

How do product data normalization and standardization work?

The product normalization process involves organizing and cleansing the unstructured eCommerce contents and data to improve data accuracy and quality. It also involves standardizing product attributes across the database.

What are the consequences of inadequate and inaccurate product data?

The data inconsistency in terms of measurement units and attributes will confuse the customers while making the purchase. Your customers with no accurate information will take a long time to reach the product page and make the right decision, leading to more reduced sales and more product returns.