About Vserve Amazon Listing Services

Amazon Listing Services Vserve Amazon Listing Services is one of the leading back office solution providers with offices in Coimbatore and Chennai (India). With a track record of 10+ years’, Vserve has emerged as a company that delivers time and cost-effective solutions to its diverse clientage globally. We have successfully implemented our solutions across US, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia-Pacific.

We are an IT-enabled service provider offering a comprehensive set of industry specific solutions. We help enterprises transform and grow in an ever-changing world of technology through sustainable solutions and strategies built on deep domain knowledge.

Our decisions, work pattern and strategies are all customer centric, making us the perfect business process outsourcing partner to undertake and complete all your business process outsourcing requirements on time and at a budget that is comfortable. With 24×7 support and online presence, we are able to resolve customer queries with a quick turnaround time.

Vserve has a state-of-the-art facility connected to a high speed data communication to deliver mission critical assignments. Thoughtfully designed and well networked, Vserve’s facility is just what a skilled professional requires to effectively handle any time bound back- office work. We function within an infrastructure that is highly secured.

Mission & Values

At Vserve Amazon Listing Services, we believe that our success depends on the benefit our clients receive on choosing to partner with us. That is why, every business value that we strive to give and actions we take is directed by our company’s core Mission and Vision. Our values are reflected in our interaction and we are passionately dedicated to delivering over and above what has been expected. We strive to keep up high standards of service and make sure that every recommendation we make to help you meet your goal is only after careful analysis and research.


We strive to be the “partner of choice” for industries worldwide by maintaining high standards of service and customer-centric approach.


To be a leader in the delivery of rapid, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for the ecommerce and data management needs of global enterprises.

Core Values

  • Customer Centric approach – “We are much more than a vendor; we are your partner”
  • High standards of personal and professional ethics
  • Constantly strive for innovation and excellence
  • Culture of knowledge sharing and continuous growth for each member
  • Fun-filled work environment with respect for each individual

Our Culture

We follow the “learn, share and grow” policy, which helps each employee to obtain best knowledge in the working environment. Our vibrant work culture is a compliment for each employee, as consistent information sharing takes place between various levels of employees via effective communication channels.