Competition Price Tracking and Assortment Index

Your goal as a seller will be to possess the ability to outshine your competitors and become more noticed. Our competition price tracking service is a key lever for this. We pay close attention to your competitors' pricing on all the channels so that we can help you with repricing your items. Our experts can help you get a higher position in Amazon's listings and improve your chances of getting higher revenue.

Improve Your Amazon Competitor Price Tracking

The Amazon competitor price tracking services that we offer are meant to increase the number of customers you can acquire at a low cost. We are in charge of tracking your products and similar products on Amazon and the world wide web. We can make a list of various products available and their prices, including the price list of your competitors. Our competition price tracking service will allow you to see the price range and average prices of products that are the same or similar to what you are selling. 

Amazon Competition Price Tracking
  • We have an expert team of experts in charge of collecting and analyzing data, which we make available to you in the easiest form to better understand graphical representations.
  • We use advanced price tracking software with a little bit of manual intervention to ensure that the list of your products and prices are always updated and 100% accurate.
  • Instant price alerts and updates are sent to you through email to keep you aware of the market's constant changes.
  • We develop competitor pricing strategies with stable and consistent profit limits, creating a win-win situation for you and your buyers.

We don't stop with just price comparison. Our Amazon price tracking services also involve competitors' price change history, stock availability, and other product attributes. 

Vserve's Dedicated Service For Competitor Price Tracking:

Product Level Pricing Insights:

Vserve competitor price tracking on Amazon provides a complete one-on-one analysis of your competitor’s product pricing to that of yours. We are aware that the prices of products in Amazon fluctuate from time to time, so we monitor

Amazon Competition Price Tracking

Tracking Pricing History:

Get an in-depth view of your competitor’s pricing strategies over a period of time. We can assist in identifying patterns in your competitors’ pricing behavior. This will give detailed insights to reprice your product dynamically and make well-informed pricing decisions. Our Amazon price tracking expert will also analyze the minimum and maximum level within which the prices could be determined. Thus, you can prevent unnecessary losses and, at the same time, impress your customers with competitive pricing.

Amazon Competition Price Tracking

Marketplace MAP Monitoring:

Every brand manufacturer will look to maintain a constant price limit for their products across channels. But some sellers diverge from their commitment and alter the prices beyond the preferred scale. As an integrated service, Vserve takes the challenge to curb any such violations. Our team continually monitors your registered sellers’ pricing and notify you of any drastic changes in the price.

Fulfillment and Storage Fee Analysis:

Proper storage and Fulfillment count on your product price. As a seller, you cannot take the freedom of storage and fulfillment at any cost. Our experts will help you lay down suitable storage and fulfillment strategies.

Setting up Offer/Promotional Prices:

Seasonal discounts and offers are due factors to satisfy customer expectations. But these complementary price reductions must not lead to losses. Our competitor price tracking methods employ the best analysts to draw the right offer/promotional prices. Thus we create a double benefit of earning the right margin as well as convincing customers.

Maintaining Brand Value:

Any repricing strategy should not affect your brand value. Setting the prices too low will undermine your brand while setting the pricing too high will reduce your sales numbers. We evolved in devising the technique to balance the product prices and brand value. Vserve ensures a promising profit for the seller and affordable price for the customers.

We Make Your Life Much Easier:

Our Amazon price tracking service is geared up to make selling on Amazon much easier. You get the advantage of –

  • Comprehensive yet customized dashboard.
  • Instant reporting and custom alerts
  • Currency normalization, and
  • 100% assured data accuracy

Start analyzing your competitor today. Get actionable pricing strategies for every product in your catalog and maintain a healthy competitive position in the market with our experts Amazon price tracking services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Competitor Pricing Analysis?

Amazon competitor price tracking is a strategy to identify your potential competitors on Amazon and track their product, pricing and stock availability. This data can help you define your own product and pricing strategy to stay competitive in the market.

What are the conditions that mainly influence Amazon product pricing?

The Cost of production, Overhead expenses, Competition and Market fluctuations are the important factors that affect product pricing.

Why should I Outsource my Amazon product repricing services?

Choosing an automated Amazon price tracking tool is not a complete solution, you need manual intervention to ensure data accuracy. And, if you don’t have the time to deal with the tiresome task of product repricing. It’s best to hire experts who can handle it with ease.