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The patterns of customer interaction and consumption of content across platforms have changed significantly. As a result, understanding these patterns and incorporating an omnichannel customer experience into one’s business strategy has become the need of the hour.

Omnichannel retail opens up several avenues to provide a differentiated experience to your customers. In this process, it is important that all channels seamlessly interact with each other. This is where we ensure that we provide a consistent and smooth experience for your customers at every touchpoint. In addition, our omnichannel retail services are customer-centric. As a result, your business will be able to engage with your target customers effectively.

amazon suppressed listings

We Help Improve Sales by Correcting and Changing Suppressed and Inactive Product Listings in Amazon

It does not matter what is currently happening in the online world, you need to maximize the sales that you are going to make and having suppressed product listings will not help at all. When you let us help you, we check all of your product listings all the time. If there are some product listings that need to be corrected, we can do that for you. Remember that listings may become suppressed because of the following reasons:

  • Not enough description for the product
  • Titles are less than 80 characters
  • Main images do not have a white background

There are other things required by Amazon that we will double check to ensure that your listings will not be blocked


These are the things that we can help you with:

  • If there are missing description details or bullets in all categories, we can complete these missing areas for you.
  • For products that are under the Clothing and Accessories, the child listings should have a brand and product ID. We also make sure that the color, size, and department name are all listed. The titles should not be less than 80 characters.
  • Listings that are under the Shoe Category should follow the image requirements set by Amazon such as it should be 1000 pixels on the longest side, 255 RGB value and white background. If there are missing details for the color, type and size, we will complete the missing information for you.
  • For listings under Watches and Luggage, we also ensure that the images will have a white background and 255 RGB value. The department value should always be present.
  • For listings under the category of Jewelry, all of the details about the jewelry like cut, color clarity and the like will be listed down. The images uploaded should also have a white background.

No matter from what country you are from, we can search and fix the suppressed and block listings that you have uploaded in Amazon before.