Your Dedicated Amazon Store Admin to Manage Every Day Amazon Business Activities - Starting @ $4/ Hour

Are you planning to set up your own Amazon store? Perhaps you have already set it up, but it is not bringing in sales the way you want it. Vserve can provide the help that you need so that your store will be well managed and updated the way that it should.

Dedicated Amazon Store Admin

Our dedicated Amazon store admins can create a dynamic difference to your daily work routine so you can focus your efforts on what's best for your business growth. They are multi-skilled and are ready to handle every aspect of your Amazon store. Our skills that match your need -

  • Rich domain experience and in-depth knowledge in Amazon store management.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are what we excel in.
  • Knowledge in content and image editing to enhance your product pages.
  • On-time support and quick turnaround time.

We are specialists in executing A to Z tasks on Amazon.

We can help you with everyday store activities, such as listing your products, creating and editing product content, retouching product images, and customer service. Our Amazon marketplace experts understand that each business is different. They know the importance of goal setting to ensure that all of your requirements will be tailored specifically for your business. If there are some tasks that you have trouble understanding, our Amazon virtual assistants will provide the assistance that you need.

Our trained technical experts can handle the following tasks in powerful and accurate ways:

Product ASIN Listing and Enrichment

Whether you would like to add new products or improve the ones you already have, you can rely on our Amazon store admins. Our experts can handle a bulk of product listings without any delay and flaws. In addition, we complement our product listing efforts with expertise in content enhancement and image optimization.

  • Amazon Image Editing and Enhancement
  • Optimization of Amazon Listings for Google and other search engine sites.
  • Optimization of listings that adhere to Amazon’s search algorithm.
  • Product listings, uploading, corrections, and monitoring

Marketing and Demand Generation

Our dedicated Amazon virtual assistants can work for the maximum reach of the product and ensure your brand’s success. Moreover, our specialized marketing strategies help keep the current customer base intact with more regular additions.

  • Program Management – Amazon Product Ads and all
  • Optimization and Promotion of your Amazon Store, Amazon Buy Box Strategy, Website Performance Optimization, and Search Optimization

Amazon Vendor Central Specific Services

Upon partnering with us, rest assured about the vendor central communication and follow-up correspondence to update all the products. We also regulate the contract requirement for all the products in your Amazon Store.

  • Vendor Central Communication and Follow Up to Update all Products
  • Contract Requirements for All Products

Customer Service

Whether it is day or night, our Amazon marketplace experts can courteously respond to every customer communication to promptly address all their queries. We will walk the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction through our support.

  • Interaction and support (Multi-Channel)
  • World-class customer service that includes all other customer-related issues

Ancillary Support

Our Amazon marketplace experts are highly adaptable to your requirements. We understand your needs and look after order processing, inventory recording, and monitoring tasks. Our VAs can keep an eye on the stock availability, requirement, and fulfillment and communicate them accordingly. In addition, our inventory experts place recommendations regarding fulfillment and ensure the inventory demand and supply stay synchronized.

  • Amazon order processing, inventory recording, and monitoring
  • Bad reviews and slow-moving products
  • Management of suppliers, negotiation, and sourcing
  • Development of new products, researching and checking the price of competitors
  • Analysis of the competitors, pricing, and repricing plus additional updates
  • Transaction logs, sales tax report, and support for all of your products
  • Merchandise support (ongoing)

The Vserve Edge

Simple Payments

Get all the benefits of full-time employment without the hassle of payrolls, contracts, and recruitment. No Setup Fee or Hidden Costs.

Solid Backup

We can assure a seamless transition between virtual assistants when needed, with the backup assistant, technology, and the process documentation.

Flexible Staffing

Hire as many store admins you need for the exact number of hours you need their support, without any contracts.

100% Confidentiality

Worry no more about data security, thanks to our advanced data encryption technology. We sign the NDA, and you own the entire work done.

Regular Reports

We ensure to provide constant analysis and report to inform how well your eCommerce store is performing –

  • A+ Audit Report
  • Amazon Reviews Report
  • MAP Report
  • Sales and Inventory Report
  • Content Efficiency Report
  • Buy Box Report
  • Site Diagnostics & Analytics Report
  • Amazon3rd Party Review Report

Hiring our dedicated Amazon store admins will ensure that your Amazon store will be working perfectly well. Our experts are trained to handle A to Z tasks on Amazon, from store setup to customer support and marketing. If you think you need an expert to help handle your Amazon tasks and improve your business efficiency, Talk to us to hire your first Amazon virtual assistants today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I optimize my product listing on Amazon?

It is imperative to fully optimize your product listing because it can significantly improve your product rankings, leading to more conversions.

Why do customer interaction services matter to sellers?

Generating regular customer interactions can help sellers better understand their customer's needs and demands. With customer feedback, they can make necessary changes/fix errors in their products and services as per the latest trends to boost their brand profitability.

Why should I hire remote support?

Remote Amazon support is a flexible choice in terms of cost and timings. For example, you can hire a remote assistant for a week or a month and pay only for the hour they work for you. Moreover, when you hire international remote support, you get an added advantage of extended assistance when you're out of the office.