With proper and accurate product taxonomy, users will have a more pleasant experience checking out what a website and its pages have to offer. If the customers can easily see the products, it will be easier for them to purchase from the site. What we do at Vserve Amazon Listing Service is make sure that all of your products are placed in the proper categories. This will make it easier for you to increase sales.

Our associates use their expertise in conducting more detailed research on the proper usage of metadata. Such a value addition is made so that the various products can be found easily as they are placed in appropriate categories.

Product Taxonomy Development

Amazon Product Taxonomy Services - what you need to Create an Intuitive Product Taxonomy that Improves your Store Performance and Sales

Our Amazon Product Taxonomy Services involve finding similar products and placing them in proper categories. We classify taxonomy into main and subcategories for better results, which can be further categorized for quick and easy identification. Our qualified team has the knowledge and skills to appropriately place the products according to the international classification coding systems.


Taxonomy Develop 2x



  • The general to specific categorization approach is the key to our successful product taxonomy development.
  • We validate the entire product database before classification and product taxonomy development.
  • Our team follows a dedicated workflow system for file movement and reporting for an organized product taxonomy development process.

Our expert Amazon product taxonomy development includes:

  • Collection taxonomy definition
  • Presentation taxonomy mapping
  • Attribute data cleansing
  • Product attribute definition
  • Attribute data localization

Amazon Product Taxonomy Services – The Benefits

We strategize a user-friendly Amazon product taxonomy. Our meaningful taxonomic structure helps your customers to identify the desired products instinctively. Meanwhile, our product categorization facilitates better navigation through your product listings for an enhanced user experience.

Key Features of our Amazon Product Taxonomy Services Include

Striking the Right Balance – We make sure the taxonomy has the right balance of products with the right amount of information dispersed among every category and subcategory.

Categorization Based on Customer Preference – We let your customers drive the taxonomy structure’s language and complexity. We develop the structure based on the key terms and vocabulary used by your audience.

SEO-Friendly Categorization – The product categories we define are optimized for quick searches and SEO enriched with relevant keywords for higher page ranking

Attribute Definition – All the attributes and values that define the products are placed on every product page to help customers make an informed purchase decision.

Data Normalization – Our expert team will validate your product data, remove duplicates and standardize the values and units of measures to provide a consistent and thorough data set.

Ongoing Modification Support – If required, our service can also extend beyond the initial product taxonomy development. We can provide ongoing support as and when new products and categories are added to your catalog.

A Reliable Partner for your Amazon Product Taxonomy Development Needs:

With a decade of experience in the eCommerce industry, Vserve can design a robust and highly-functional product taxonomy for your Amazon store. With a bit of information on your products, we can jump-start the detailed analysis of your current product data. We can bring out the product categorization strategies that boost your Amazon store performance and sale.

Are you just starting your business on Amazon? Worry no more; we can also build your product taxonomy from scratch. Our professionals are experts in aspects of Amazon listing services and can meet and cater to every unique business need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to categorize products on Amazon?

Every product sold on Amazon is listed and categorized by its ASIN. Each item is broadly categorized by its product name and manufacturer. Further, they are appropriately classified into the main and subcategories based on the product information.

What are the challenges your Amazon store will face without a proper taxonomy in place?

A common challenge for any Amazon business is to define, manage and track the product information. Without a proper taxonomy, it is hard to clarify available products in your catalog and help your team and customers find and use the right product information.

What are the benefits of a well-built Amazon product taxonomy structure?

The benefits of a proper product taxonomy development include Improved user experience with intuitive navigation. Better on-site classification and faceted search. Increased conversion with appropriate alternate product recommendations. Better Site SEO Ranking. Improved internal coordination and better decision making. Accurate reporting and more reliable analytics.