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Old Way of Selling

Old way of selling

Amazon Listing Services Way

Old way of selling
There may be multiple listings available for an exact same product from your store.
No more multiple listings. All of the listings will be unique and detailed.
The items may be placed in different categories.
All items will be in the right categories.
Attributes are misspelled or are not easily understood.
Attributes are perfectly written.
Description is plagiarized from the description set by the manufacturer.
No plagiarized content.
Inaccurate product description that describes about another item being sold rather than the one being shown in the image.
Product description will be unique for each item available.
Small image with poor image quality.
Images are accurate and will show the products in different angles.
No product listings available for some products.
All products will come with their appropriate product listings.
Prices of the products are higher than the same products being sold by competitors.
Prices will be set in a competitive manner to make it more appealing to customers.

Have the Perfect Store on Amazon with Our Help

Amazon Intelligence

We provide accurate market intelligence. We will help you run your product advertisements and do your day to day tasks for you. We can also process your orders and help you with data management. We consider ourselves to be experts in dealing with Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central.

Product Catalog

We make sure that you will have a catalog that will be easy to check by your possible customers. Everything will be quick and easy for your customers to check. At the same time, your product listings will be complete with all the details your customers would like to know like descriptions, titles, features and so much more.

Listing Enhancements

We will be focused on your ROI so that everything will be enhanced in the best possible manner. We make sure that the sponsored advertisements and product advertisements will allow you to be one of the stores that will sell well in Amazon.

Amazon Customer Support

We provide you 24/7 email and chat support for your Amazon customers. can also coordinate your product sourcing, management of your supplies and contacting suppliers. From checking shipments of your products to invoicing and so much more

Whether you use Vendor Central or Seller Central, you can expect us to
give you the support that you need to help make your
Amazon Store run successfully.
We Can Keep You Happy, Content and Satisfied
Expect us to provide the following for you:
  • Our Virtual Assistants make the digital experience of your customers amazing so they will come back to your store to purchase. Since we will be setting up your Amazon store correctly, you can expect that customers will find your store easy to use and hassle-free.
  • We can help you even if you are from a different part of the world. We give solutions to those who are in Brazil, Australia, US, Germany, Canada etc.
  • We have a team of professionals with proper training and knowledge about your needs and your store needs. We have worked for various domains and types of stores which makes our knowledge even more worthwhile.
  • Our Virtual Assistants work 24/7 to ensure that everything about your Amazon store is working perfectly well.
  • Our Virtual Assistants help you grow. We make use of different strategies to ensure that your store will always be updated. We will help you stand out from all the other stores out there that may be selling the same things that you offer.

Quality First Philosophy

Quality is a non negotiable aspect of all work we deliver to our customers. We go to great lengths to ensure you get great quality or we give you your money back!

Get You the Cost Advantage to Beat Competition

Vserve AmazonListingServices helps you manage your Amazon site at a low cost leveraging our talented offshore talent ppol of educated and experienced professionals.

The Best Bundle Ever

We are one stop shop for all your Amazon needs. You get to focus on what you do best and leave Amazon to us!

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