Hire Experts for your Amazon Catalog management, Product description writing, Image editing, and Catalog maintenance needs

If you would be asked what makes an e-commerce store stand out, what would your answer be? Usually, it would depend on how often the products are updated and how great the product descriptions are. If you are a consumer, would you honestly like to buy a product that does not have any description at all? Vserve provides Virtual Assistants for Amazon Catalog Management and Maintenance who will make sure that your content will be updated with great descriptions and accurate information.

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Our experts can help you with the following tasks

Amazon Catalog Update And Maintenance


Adjusting the product prices depending on the competitors

The amazon marketplace is dynamic, and we help you align with it. We prove our commitment by monitoring the market 24*7. We collect and analyze your competitor data to provide you with updates on pricing, product availability, and performance. And, with profitable pricing strategies, our Amazon catalog management experts will give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Regularly updating details about the products

At Vserve, we understand the time and effort it takes to create and optimize Amazon product listing. From writing appealing product descriptions and creating attractive images to optimize your product listing, we have the required skill and expertise for all your Amazon catalog management needs. You can count on our commitment to deliver top-quality product upload and update that complies with industry best practices and timelines.

Search-Engine Friendly Product Description

Our talented team of writers can draft product descriptions with prime keywords placed perfectly along with the content. When you hire our copywriters, you can rest assured that your product content will be accurate, attractive, and SEO-friendly. Our writer will craft the content to attract your customers and help them make informed buying decisions.

Adding and refining the images of the products to be uploaded

Stats prove that more than 75% of customers consider product images an influencing factor in their buying decisions.

A proven way to drive more sales to your Amazon store is to have high-quality product photos on your product pages. Our expert product image editors will deliver –

  • High-quality product images without any visible flaw
  • Transparent backgrounds with no distortion
  • Realistic and unique images
  • Consistent quality and a cohesive style in alignment with Amazon guidelines.

Keeping track of inventory and checking the status of sold items

As a part of product catalog management services, we can help you get better control over your stock availability. Our virtual assistants adept at inventory management will provide on-going updates on your product availability and the quantity with all the information needed to refill your inventory as and when needed.

Why Choose Vserve Experts for Your Amazon Catalog Management Needs?

A lot of the shoppers online right now would check out different online stores before settling for one where they are going to make their purchase. Your main goal is to have pages that will keep your consumers engaged. You want to make sure that they will not switch to your competitors. We at Vserve Amazon Listing Services will make sure that the store is updated and maintained well.

  • Our virtual assistants can handle bulk product upload and update with ease.
  • We are good at collecting product data from challenging sources, including printed catalogs, manufacturer sites, and other online sources.
  • Our virtual assistants can provide meaningful product data-rich in product and brand attributes and contribute to the sales.
  • Vserve experts ensure speedy product listing support with 99% data accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cataloging on amazon?

Cataloging is the process of listing products with information such as quantity, type, specification, price, and detailed description of the product.

How to maintain a good catalog?

A good catalog includes relevant and accurate product information with compelling content. And, you need to update the catalog data consistently with information that’s relevant and recent.

Why do you need Amazon catalog management services?

Amazon catalog management and maintenance service will provide the potential to increase page traffic and help customers make informed buying decisions, increasing your sales and revenue.