EBC Listing: an important concept for Amazon sellers to master - Amazon Listing Service

EBC Listing: an important concept for Amazon sellers to master

Ebc Listing An Important Concept For Amazon Sellers To Master

EBC Listing: an important concept for Amazon sellers to master

Due to increasing popularity, the Amazon marketplace is becoming overly crowded for buyers as well as sellers. According to MarketplacePulse 2021, Amazon has over 9 million sellers worldwide, making it extremely difficult for the brands to stay ahead of the competition. As a result, businesses use marketing techniques like listing optimization, advertising, descriptive and winning titles. These help in increasing the brand awareness and sales.

However, with increasing competition in the marketplace, all these are not enough, and many sellers are already doing the same. Luckily, Amazon has introduced another unique feature of Enhanced Brand Content or EBC listing. It helps you stay ahead of your competitors and convert your potential customers into sales. It provides sellers with additional content space that they can use to entice potential customers into purchasing their products.

EBC Listing or Enhanced Brand Content - What is it?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, also known as Amazon A+ content, is a premium feature on seller central and vendor central that sellers can use to represent their brand on Amazon. Amazon introduced EBC or A+ content feature to seller central in 2016. It allows sellers to modify the description of a product listing with custom text and enhanced images. This adds a unique value proposition to their product listing. Amazon EBC also allows sellers to add bullet points to the product description to make the content in the product listing more readable. In addition, sellers can add explanatory content and images of the product, its features, and how to use it.

EBC listing is open for brand owners who have registered through the brand registry process of Amazon. Once the seller gets approval as a brand owner, they can add A+ content only to those products that are a part of their brand catalog.. However, the ASINs that are not a part of the brand are not eligible for Amazon EBC.

Who can use Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content is available for the third-party sellers who have registered their own branded products with the Amazon Brand registry. You should be a professional seller or an approved brand owner to add the EBC listing feature to your product. However, it is not available for products from books, videos, media, and digital categories.

Why do you need an EBC listing?

Enhanced Brand Content provides brand owners with an additional opportunity to grab the attention of their potential customers and encourage them to choose your product. Here are seven reasons why sellers should choose to add Amazon A+ content to their product listing:

You can customize your store using EBC

Amazon EBC allows you to craft an impressive storefront that illustrates your brand's essence. High-quality product images, convincing titles, detailed product descriptions with custom text, and engaging product listing all work together to establish a compelling storefront for your brand that attracts potential customers to your product. A+ content not only customizes your storefront but also optimizes your product listings, keeping your potential customers engaged for longer and increasing the chances of conversion.

A+ content can improve conversion rate

With probably thousands of similar products that fit the needs of your potential customers, it is likely that they are interested in more than one product. When they find a product with all the specifications they want, they will probably use it as a reference and compare various similar listings to get a product with the best pricing and features. However, the design and appeal of the product listing can be an essential factor that can make all the difference. According to Amazon, adding Amazon EBC to your product listing can increase the number of sales by 3% to 10%. Also, A+ content can reduce the bounce rate on your product listing by increasing engagement through compelling photos and text.

Amazon A+ content enhances brand reputation

EBC listing can help brand owners reinforce their brand's reputation that they have already built over the years. Before the launch of enhanced brand content, Amazon lacked branding opportunities for the brand owners. This resulted in private label products and sellers flourishing, which was a disadvantage for the well-established brands with high reputation and loyalty. With the introduction of A+ content, the gap was bridged, and the content helped customers distinguish brand owners from private-label sellers. This helps brand owners reinforce the reputation of their brand and build loyalty.

EBC listing helps overcome objections

Your potential customers will compare multiple products on Amazon and look for reasons to reject a particular product. With Amazon EBC, you can provide clear details about the product through high-quality images and engaging copy, eliminating the reasons for rejections that they can find. You can use A+ content to answer all types of queries your customers may have about the product. Since EBC listing provides you an opportunity to add more images, you can include image keywords to improve the SEO of your product listing. This will help your listing rank higher in the product search pages and generate higher traffic.

EBC helps grab more attention of your potential customers

Enhanced brand content helps your product stand out from the competition. Your customers can better differentiate your product from your competitors' products. Business owners can use the a+ amazon feature to share their brand story and connect with their potential customers, helping them convert into loyal customers. Enhanced brand content can be used to share details like how to use, where to use, and FAQs. With more details provided in the listing, your potential customers will be more attracted to your product. It will also help in increasing the number of sales.

EBC prevents order cancellation and negative feedback

When your product listing contains comprehensive content, your customers will get a clear idea about the product specifications. With precise product details, they will make an informed purchasing decision. The customers will know what they can expect from your product. Irrelevant or incomplete information about the product may be misleading and can increase the chances of getting a negative review. EBC allows you to add more details about the product to help customers know the detailed specifications.

EBC can improve the SEO of your product listing

Optimizing your listing is a great way to increase your sales. Optimizing your listing can improve its rank in search results. EBC listing allows you to add images with descriptive text where you can add keywords and optimize your listing for a higher ranking. Further, EBC enhances your product's mobile optimization. When your potential customers use a mobile device to search for your products using relevant keywords, they only see 200 product description words. To see more details, they need to open the product page. However, with amazon a+ listing, they can see your content, title, description, and images without opening your product page. Hence, more visibility will result in more clicks and better chances of conversion.

How to set up Enhanced Brand Content?

To create your EBC listing, log in to your Amazon Vendor Central or Seller Central. Next, click on the advertising tab on your account page and choose "A+ Content Manager" from the dropdown menu. To start with the process, click on "Start creating A+ Content."

You will be asked to choose from Enhanced Brand Content or Product Description. After choosing the type of A+ content, you will be asked to name your content. Amazon A+ content is available in different module templates as follows: Rose, Tulip, Orchid, Sunflower, Lily, and Custom. The first two modules in every template include the brand logo and product description. You can choose the design of the remaining five module slots to suit your brand and product. These modules can include images, keywords, bullet text, comparison charts, and infographics. Follow the onscreen prompts to create your own Amazon EBC listing that suits your brand style.

Once the process is complete, you can submit it for approval, which can take up to a week. However, Amazon usually provides a response within two days. If the submission is not approved, you can check the reasons for rejection along with suggestions and changes required. After the approval from Amazon, your EBC listing will be published on Amazon within the next 24 hours.

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Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content is a great way for the brand owners to make their product listing stand out from the competition. EBC listing allows sellers to highlight the key features and uses of the product. Use the EBC feature in your listing to give a visually improved experience to your customers so that they can make an informed buying decision. In addition, adding the Amazon A+ content to your listing can boost conversion rates and reduce the number of unsatisfied customers.

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