Amazon Product Photography Tips for All Seasons

Amazon Product Photography Tips for All Seasons

Amazon Product Photography Tips For All Season

Amazon Product Photography Tips for All Seasons

The quality of your product image can make or break the reputation of your product and brand. The product image gives your customers a good view of the product and attracts them to your product listing on eCommerce websites. When you are selling online, your customers cannot feel the product physically; hence the quality of product images in your product listing becomes the deciding factor on whether they would purchase the product.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is commercial photography of a product to showcase various features of the product to the target audience attractively and accurately. Photographers use different lighting, styles, backdrops, and angles to highlight the product describing every detail along with how to use it in real life. Product photography aims to grab the attention of potential customers and compel them to choose your product over similar products in the market.

Types of Product Photography

You can use numerous types of product photography, but finding the best type for your product and brand can be difficult. Understanding the difference between each type is essential to finding the best fit for your product and brand.

Here are some common types of product photography that you can use for your product:

  • Individual shots
  • Group shots
  • Close-up shots
  • Lifestyle shots
  • 360-degree photos
  • Scale shots
  • Studio product images

Each type of product photography will require businesses to use a different approach.

Importance of Product Photography

The most crucial reason for product photography is to build trust and reputation. Product images help increase the attention and confidence of your potential buyers, increasing the chances of conversion. Amazon product services experts suggest sellers use quality product images to attract customers, improve credibility, increase engagement, and boost product sales for their business.

According to a survey by Weebly, 75% of eCommerce customers say the quality of the product image influences their purchasing decisions and 22% of the total online product returns are because the delivered product looks different from the product image.

Hence, regardless of what you sell, the quality of the product image matters as much as the quality of the product. Good product photography can narrate your brand story and show potential customers why they need your product.

Product Photography Tips for Amazon Marketplace

For high-quality product photography, you need to grab the attention of your viewers and encourage them to buy your products. Your product images should be crisp and precisely convey every detail of your product, like color, size, material, and dimension. Here are a few tips to help you improve product photography:

Understand the Rules and Requirements

Before you start product photography for your Amazon marketplace, you need to understand the requirements and standards of Amazon product images. According to Amazon product services experts, the leading eCommerce marketplace has high standards for product photos, so it is essential to understand what you can and cannot do. Understanding these standards and requirements will help establish a solid foundation for your listing.

Use the Right Tools

Invest in the proper photography tools to create high-quality product images for your Amazon store. The cost of these tools would return in the form of increased revenue. You will require a DSLR camera, a tripod, and the proper lighting. However, if you don’t want to invest in these, you can hire a professional Amazon product services provider or product photographer to do product photography for your Amazon store.

Understand Your Target Audience

While creating images for your Amazon product listings, keep your target audience in mind. The product images should clearly explain the product and why they will need it. The product image, view, styling, and description should be easy to understand for your target audience. The image background should be white to showcase the product professionally, attractively, and conveniently. However, if the product is white, the background should be chosen in such a way that it grabs the attention of your target audience.

Proper Light Balance

To create a quality product image, you need to make sure that your product is separated from its background using soft light in product images. Reflectors and soft boxes can provide natural lighting, and there should be a white light balance to eliminate hot spots and shadows in your pictures.

Images Should Be of High Resolution

Always use professional cameras to shoot product images. Your product images should be of high resolution and should not be distorted or blurry. Your target audience should be able to observe every detail of the product through these images. High-quality product photos will help them to make an informed decision and establish trust in your brand.

Image Angles

While shooting photos for your product, get appealing, attractive images from every angle. Your potential customers will like to see your product photos from at least three angles before buying. Take multiple pictures from every angle (front, back, top, bottom, and sides).

Product Image Size

The product image size should be large enough to provide a zoom feature on various devices like phones, tablets, and desktops. The minimum recommended product image size for Amazon product services is 1000x1000 pixels. Your product images should be at least 1000x1000 pixels to optimize your product listing for any device.

Show Off Your Product Variations

You may be selling multiple products within a specific product category. If you have numerous variations of the same product, you can add these variations in a single photo to showcase all your options in one photo. Showcasing a range of products will increase your chances of converting visitors into sales and boost your revenue.

Add Creativity

You can add creativity to your product photography to make the images look different from others and attract potential customers. Some commonly used techniques include hanging products, shooting photos from different angles, adding macro shots, placing the product on a reflective surface like acrylic glass, adding an exciting background, etc.

Retouch Images

After you finish your product photography, giving your photos a professional touch is essential. In this step, any imperfections in the picture and any extra element can be eliminated to provide a professional look to your product image. This editing of your product image may also include a correction in tone, brightness, contrast, color, etc.

The first thing your target audience will notice about your product listing is your product image, and they would want to know about the product through photos and videos – not by reading the lengthy product description.


Amazon product photography has become essential for every Amazon seller to improve product interaction and boost sales. High-quality product photos will upgrade the impressions of your product listing in the Amazon marketplace.

These Amazon product photography tips will help you generate high-quality, professional-looking product images that you can add to your product listing. Make sure you follow Amazon’s guidelines for product photography, so your photos don’t damage your chances of ranking higher on Amazon search result pages. 

Suppose you are not sure how to take quality images that meet Amazon marketplace rules and requirements. In that case, you can hire Amazon product services experts that can handle your product photography task and provide you with high-quality photos.