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What are Amazon Catalog Management Services? 5 Reasons You Should Hire Amazon Catalog Management Services

What Are Amazon Catalog Management Services 5 Reasons You Should Hire Amazon Catalog Management Services

What are Amazon Catalog Management Services? 5 Reasons You Should Hire Amazon Catalog Management Services

Globally, Amazon is regarded as one of the best eCommerce platforms. Since it came into being, the eCommerce giant has grown leaps and bounds. Accounting for 41 percent of the U.S. e-commerce market, it is one of the lucrative markets for online sellers.

Amazon also doubles up as a battleground for sellers

The growth and reach have made it one of the most sought-after platforms for sellers. The Amazon marketplace has also doubled up as a perfect battlefield for sellers. The eCommerce platform poses unique challenges for sellers. The steep competition makes it even harder to stand out. On Amazon, sellers are doing all that is in their stride to stay ahead of the competition. Through catalog management services, sellers on Amazon attempt to differentiate their brand from the pack. A product catalog is as important to the eCommerce store as its products. Thus, if the eCommerce business owner aims to generate more sales, he must make sure that he has a good catalog in place.

Additionally, he must also work on constantly updating the catalog. Such is the importance of a catalog. Product catalog management is the key to managing and maintaining the business catalog.

What is Product Catalog Management?

A product catalog resembles a traditional print catalog, except it is digital. It's a format used in eCommerce to define a product or collection of items and their attributes. An Amazon eStore's digital catalog might contain various items with specific characteristics.

eCommerce Product Catalog Management is a strategic strategy for eCommerce organizations that enables upselling and cross-selling items by managing product data in your eCommerce product catalogs.

Amazon's catalog system provides you with a lot of product data you can use. Using catalog management solutions, you can make your eStore much more efficient.

Top 5 reasons why eCommerce business owners must hire Amazon catalog management services

There is no hard and fast rule to take the help of Amazon catalog management services. However, eCommerce business owners are at a certain advantage when they do so. The top 5 reasons why eCommerce business owners must hire Amazon catalog management services are listed below.

1. Improves the visibility of the various products that are sold

It is a known fact that a product catalog lists out and contains detailed information about the various products sold by the Amazon eCommerce store. A new merchant registers itself on the Amazon platform, lists its products, and wishes for buyers to show up and make a purchase. While it's hopeful, the reality on the ground is much different.

Even amidst the sheer number of shoppers on Amazon, being visible amidst the top results on the product page is a struggle. Unless you are an established and credible brand, buyers will not look for your specific products. To sell your products successfully on the platform, you need to ensure that you rank in the top results.

Your product catalog plays a vital role in improving your product's visibility. A detailed and keyword-rich product description that is simple, informative, and listed in an organized manner offers the opportunity to increase your conversion rates. With the right representation of your products through Amazon catalog management, you can turn your visitors into successful customers.

2. Makes sure that products are listed in the respective categories accurately

One of the most common mistakes many Amazon sellers make is that they place their products into an unrelated category to expand their reach horizon. However, this results in miscategorizing products, and it does not benefit your brand.

Concurrently, when products are placed and listed in the correct category, it becomes easy for the user to perform a product search. Furthermore, it enhances the quality of the customer experience. Imagine if you search for shoes for men on the Amazon search bar, and it displays results for lemons. The miscategorization of products makes the customer lose interest and drop off the search. It leads to a loss in sales and revenue.

By placing your products under the right category, you improve your chances of being discovered by the customers. It sends more traffic to your product page. Hence, leverage the benefit of product catalog management service to keep your product listings optimized; it can lead to more conversions and revenue.

3. Can increase sales

Regardless of its size and nature, every business aims to register sales. An Amazon product catalog that engagingly displays all your products is one of the many ways to increase the chances of sales.

Informative product catalogs can bring in customers. By outsourcing Amazon product catalog management services, you can have a team that focuses entirely on catalog optimization. The team ensures your products have the right description that informs the customer about the product's features and specifications and effectively. It offers unique and SEO-rich content and high-quality images so that the customers feel persuasive to visit your catalog.

A product catalog is the only interaction customers have with your products or your brand. If you nail it, your product sales can increase.

4. Enhances customer experience

Customer experience is becoming a top priority for customers. More than 45 percent of customers expect a brand to deliver a positive experience.

A well-updated and maintained product catalog is a key to enhancing the customer experience for your brand. Image this scenario - you, a shoe retailer, have listed a variety of shoes on your Amazon store. You have gone out of your way to ensure that your product is visible and gets qualified traffic. A visitor visits your store but cannot locate the right information they need - the size, color, material, durability, delivery details, clear images. Do you think they will make a purchase? They are most likely to go back to the search page and choose a competitor's product. By listing the precise and short descriptions in your product catalog, you can improve the customer experience. Boost your product sales by employing the art of Amazon catalog management to your advantage.

5. Strengthens brand image

The way you position your brand is how your customers register your business in their minds. To construct the right image of your brand in their minds, you need to send a clear message about who you are and what your products are about. Your product catalog shows this and more, specifically.

An Amazon catalog management service knows it well and optimizes your product catalog to highlight the most vital features of your products. Your product page contains basic product information, including images and customer reviews. Be it the product title, product description, or product images, every bit of the information describes your brand. Therefore, all the elements should serve a unified experience to encourage customers to purchase your products. With A+ content, you can offer a premium experience to your customers. It helps in making a good impression of your brand.

If you take the help of an Amazon listing service provider, you must make sure that the product catalog designed by the service provider satisfies the five points that we discussed. In the last part of our blog, we discussed Amazon product catalog management services.

Amazon Product Catalog Management Services

Amazon product catalog management services include:-

Product Listing and Update

Your Amazon product's first and foremost judging factor for customers is your product listing. An Amazon product listing is the product page that includes the relevant information about the products. It includes product information such as name, description, price, pictures, and reviews. Product catalog management services optimize your product listings and keep them updated. A well-optimized product listing helps your brand stand out and increase traffic.

Competitor Price Monitoring

To ensure your products become the first choice of your customers, you need to outshine your competitors. Amazon catalog management experts track your competitors and monitor their prices to set a competitive rate for your products.

Product Description Writing

Research study results have shown that only 30 percent of the shoppers go beyond the first page of Amazon's search engine result pages. Thus, your product descriptions play an influential role in ensuring your product lists on the first result page. You must have persuasive product descriptions for your product listings to achieve this. Furthermore, if the content is SEO-rich, it will be an added advantage to boost your rankings.

Product Image Editing

The product images or videos are the only visual interaction between your brand and your customers. The customers have no other way to judge the quality and appearance of your products. Hence, effective and attractive product images are necessary for the platform to increase your sales. You must make sure that the images and videos used are clear and of high resolution. Furthermore, making them web-optimized is an added advantage.

Inventory Management

Whether you sell electronic devices, kitchenware, books, home appliances, or clothing items, having the right stock levels helps you meet demand and keep your business budding. In the Amazon product catalog management service, this is where the role of inventory management is put to the test. It includes tracking and managing your inventory. It also involves packaging, shipping, and delivery of the consignment.

To sum it up

According to statistics, there will be 1.9 million to 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon in 2021. Every day, 2000 new sellers join the platform. Competing with other sellers within your industry is a huge challenge that one can beat by effectively optimizing the product catalog. By outsourcing product catalog management service, you can increase the conversion rates of your products and improve their rankings.

One of the ideal things to outsource is the Amazon catalog management services to Amazon Listing Service. The highly-experienced and skilled team dedicates their full attention to updating and maintaining your product listings in a reliable, consistent, and transparent manner so that you can focus on the core operations of your business.

Make your Amazon journey seamless and profitable with us by outsourcing your Amazon catalog management. The experts at Amazon Listing Service will keep your eStore well-maintained and updated and deal with all the challenges on your behalf.