13 Questions to Ask Before Launching an Amazon Customer Service Chat

13 Questions to Ask Before Launching an Amazon Customer Service Chat

Amazon Customer Service Chat

13 Questions to Ask Before Launching an Amazon Customer Service Chat

Both businesses and customers are quickly making Amazon customer support chat their preferred method of customer support.

Compared to email or social media, it is tremendously handy for customers and offers a prompt response. For organizations, it allows quick query resolution through a relatively inexpensive method.

However, as no two businesses are the same, different conversation methods will be used. Understanding what to concentrate on is crucial if you want the conversation to benefit your company.

The following 13 inquiries must be raised before introducing an Amazon customer care chat channel:

1. Only the Website, or Also Social Media Channels?

It makes sense to offer Amazon customer care chat on your business so that you can assist customers with their questions or walk them through the purchasing process.

However, it is debatable if social media outlets should be managed using the same tools.

Web chat is responsive; however, social media requires proactive monitoring to maintain a high response rate, even if the skill set necessary for both is relatively comparable.

The effort agents must make to manage numerous posts across several channels might drastically rise.

Additionally, conversational styles will vary; thus, agents must receive the appropriate training.

2. Service or Sales?

What does having a web chat accomplish? Is it primarily to answer general questions, provide Amazon customer support chat, assist customers with transactions, and generate sales?

The type of technology and resources you need to invest in will depend on the response to this question. Given web chat's adaptability and capacity to increase sales through customer service, you could enable it for both.

3. Active or Passive?

Will you initiate interactions with consumers or wait for them to ask questions? A reactive approach is simpler to execute and reduces the possibility of appearing to be badgering the customer.

To ensure that representatives are available when clients wish to talk, considerable oversight is necessary. A proactive approach might need more resources and a more strategic strategy.

For instance, do you start the chat when visitors arrive at your website when they begin browsing your products or go to the FAQs page?

Advanced solutions based on customer behaviors can be developed using algorithms, but they typically have a price.

The amount of money the company wants to invest and the technical resources available to offer the necessary support determine this.

4. Managed Services vs. In-House?

Existing agents can diversify their work and enhance their skills using web chat internally.

It does, however, increase their burden, and agents may occasionally need additional training depending on their level of competence. There is the option to outsource to a third party, but if you want to provide the same degree of seamless Amazon customer care chat, this requires a solid relationship and good training.

5. Separate or Completely Integrated?

The majority of websites may be enhanced using easy-to-use add-ins. Even these, though, frequently need some level of customization.

A completely integrated solution might need more intricate code, but it can improve the service provided to clients by allowing access to analytics and previous purchase information.

6. More or Fewer Concurrent Conversations?

In contrast to having one phone discussion, web chat enables a single agent to communicate with several consumers simultaneously.

From this angle, a contact center's productivity may grow.

Agents must, however, be wise and able to follow several conversations without needing clarification between them.

Additionally, if more chats are involved, responses may be delayed, which could lower the level of service; thus, this needs to be handled carefully.

7. Viewing a Screen or Sharing a Desktop?

There are various ways to accomplish the basic Amazon customer service chat by guiding users through online purchases.

While some apps let agents operate the user's desktop remotely, others let them view the same screen simultaneously.

The solution you select will rely on the kind of goods or services provided and the degree of client confidence in your business.

8. Only Text or Video?

While video calling is a standard method of communication and is an option for some online Amazon customer service chat tools, most web chat software is only used for text-based communication.

Face-to-face encounters will improve the customer experience, but they also force workers to speak to just one consumer simultaneously. Another thing to think about is that with text, the client can receive a transcript by email.

This kind of recording and transcription with video is only sometimes possible; if it is, it may cost extra money.

9. Waiting in Line or Not?

Predicting when clients want to interact can be challenging, so having an online presence requires planning.

When using proactive Amazon customer service chat, you can easily designate when agents are online; however, responsive approaches present a few extra difficulties.

Although you could use a queueing system or have a bot start the chat, unless the questions are absurdly simple or the bots are brilliant, these methods are typically ineffective for long periods and require humans to take over the more complex interactions.

10. Shared Benefits or a Fixed Cost?

There are numerous possibilities for the price, from fixed licensing fees to KPI-based payment for performance. Your choice must align with your Amazon customer service chat goals, the required technology, and the available budget.

11. What Age Range Does My Target Market Fall Into?

Although Amazon online chat support has been around for some time, and 56% of survey participants had used it at least once, the age of those who utilize the technology continues to be disproportionately younger.

According to the study, compared to 27% of respondents aged 35 and beyond, 56% of respondents in the age group of 18 to 34 prefer live chat to phone.

Customer support outsourced chat is likely to be valued and even expected by Millennials, who likely make up most of your consumer base.

12. Do You Have Any Touch Points in Your Client Experience Where Live Chat Could Be Beneficial?

Do you see any touch points in your customers' journeys frequently resulting in a significant volume of customer questions? Do you observe that online shopping carts are abandoned at particular moments during the purchasing process? These two circumstances may be the ideal places to use a live chat window, depending on how complicated the reasons are.

The data demonstrate that users are open to using Amazon online chat support for straightforward questions despite the age skew.

13. Are the Majority of Queries Challenging or Delicate?

Many departments or organizations handle sensitive or complex concerns or service issues. The preference between phone and Amazon online chat support for straightforward questions or concerns about online purchases is comparable, according to the data above. Customers with financial questions, however, use different statistics since they prefer to speak with someone on the phone.

According to the graph below, while just 26% of respondents prefer Amazon customer support chat for financial questions, 49% like it for online shopping.

Amazon customer service chat is not the most efficient method if your business primarily deals with sensitive material.

These inquiries are, of course, just the beginning. Any debate will unavoidably include more in-depth queries about technology, price, size, and organizational buy-in. However, the three questions above should serve as a decent beginning point for assessing Amazon customer service chat's potential value to your company, given its numerous advantages to your customers' experiences.


An Amazon customer service chat is a great way to communicate directly with customers. However, it is crucial to consider the importance of having excellent support services. When considering whether to launch a live chat, here are questions you should ask first.