Who is our client?

Our client is a new brand that wants to break into the wellness market. They had about 2500 unique products that included wellness supplements on Amazon. Their target customers are young adults in the US interested in purchasing high-quality wellness products at an affordable price range.

What are the key challenges for our client?

Our client approached us to help them optimize and enhance their Amazon product pages. They were looking to drive more traffic and sales. In conjunction with driving sales, they also wanted to communicate about reputation as they are a new and upcoming brand.

Increased Client Sales by 4X with All-Round Amazon Listing Optimization

Our Approach and Solution

We did a complete audit of the existing Amazon product pages to understand the key areas for improvements. Then, we developed a strategy to improve traffic and conversion. The efforts involved improving amazon listings, image optimization, content enhancement, and review moderation.

Product Categorization

We focused on categorizing the product and grouping them based on customer perspective and search intent to improve searchability. We utilized the product classifier tool in the process. The categorization took into account search filters such as material, brand, and price. 

We merged duplicate product listings. Looking up the Master SKU file for the missing attributes, we updated the unit of measure fields missing in the template for child records.

Amazon Content Enhancement

Our SEO team worked on content optimization for keywords, created a benefit-rich feature list, created new titles and variations, and did backend search term optimization within 2 months. We added long and short-tail keywords not used in the titles and product descriptions to rank higher on the Amazon search results. 

Amazon Image Optimization

With the image sources provided, our editors created additional lifestyle and multiple-angle images, aligning with the product image requirements of the marketplace. We uploaded primary and secondary images and ensured that each one of them was clear, bright, and bright to appeal to potential buyers. The goal was to ensure that the images are appealing to consumers and adhere to Amazon guidelines. 

Review Moderation

We conducted review moderation, responded to reviews promptly, and reached out to customers to obtain feedback on an ongoing basis. In addition, our team managed the review section of the product pages to enhance the existing user experience as well as future consumers.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Our Impact

Our approach towards improving our client’s Amazon product listings helped them generate conversions and sales.

  • We helped our client increase visibility and to rank higher on the SERP. 
  • On implementing the listing and image optimization, our client saw significant results in the first 3 weeks. Sales increased by 41% and traffic increased by 35%.
  • They were able to gain an average of around 4.86 ratings across their products and consistent feedback from verified Amazon customers.

Thus, with optimized listings and our approach towards our client’s Amazon product pages, we were able to drive significant visibility and sales in a short span of time.